Lionel Messi Displays Marvel-Inspired Goal Celebrations Like Other Superstars

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi has become a superhero for so many teams in his 19-year career that he’s starting to look like one too.

Since arriving at Inter Miami, the Argentine soccer star has scored eight goals in five matches, undoubtedly a boost for the MLS team as they strive for the Cup title.

As Messi scored his final goal in Inter Miami’s 4-0 victory over Charlotte in the Cup quarterfinals on Friday, he celebrated with a Spider-Man hand gesture.

This marks his third celebration imitating Marvel superheroes in the last three matches in which he has scored.

Messi’s first Marvel-inspired goal celebration occurred in the Round of 32 against Atlanta, where he displayed the hand motion used by…

This celebration has fans talking and waiting in anticipation to see if this trend will continue.

In the subsequent match, he presented the famous Black Panther pose.

Messi might be referencing his love for the popular cinematic universe, or he could be endorsing the commercial partnership forged by the MLS.

Recently, the league, in collaboration with Adidas, teamed up with Marvel to release special items such as Captain America attire, upcoming Avenger character outfits, and Avengers-themed soccer balls used in the All-Star league match against Arsenal.

The three-time Champions League winner first played for Inter Miami on July 25, scoring two goals and providing an assist for the third goal as they defeated Atlanta United 4-1, securing their Cup group victory.

Out of the five games he has played, Inter Miami remains unbeaten, including a 5-3 penalty shootout victory against Dallas.

Inter Miami will face Philadelphia Union on Tuesday in the semifinals, which might trigger a Hulk or Iron Man fist-pumping celebration.

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