FC Bayern Munich : Observations and Initial Reactions from FC Rottach-Egern’s 0-27 loss against Bayern Munich:

FC Bayern Munich

FC Bayern Munich

FC Bayern Munich – Initial Reactions and Observations

FC Bayern Munich – In the first half, Bayern Munich displayed a commendable performance. Under the guidance of Thomas Tuchel, the team adopted a conventional 4-2-3-1 formation, employing double pivots, overlapping fullbacks, and inverted wingers. Despite Rottach-Egern’s limited ability as opponents, Bayern showcased their proficiency in exploiting wide areas and creating scoring opportunities.

FC Bayern Munich
FC Bayern Munich

Jamal Musiala

Jamal Musiala Stats
Jamal Musiala Stats

• Jamal Musiala and Mathys Tel were the standout players in the first half, delivering exceptional performances and leaving a lasting impression.

the second half

• However, the second half witnessed the manifestation of Tuchel’s shortcomings. The entire lineup was substituted, leading to a narrow and congested style of play. Although the performance level naturally dropped with the new players, the significant difference was the approach to the game, causing Bayern to face several challenges.

Sadio Mane’s

• Sadio Mane’s performance proved to be quite frustrating. While he did manage to score, it took numerous attempts, including an offside incident against a team from the 9th division. At the current rate, it appears that Mane’s tenure with Bayern may not be successful, and even potential suitors like the Saudis could be deterred from signing him

Marcel Sabitzer

• Marcel Sabitzer demonstrated exceptional prowess inside the box, rivaling the likes of Harry Kane. It is surprising that no team has secured his services yet, especially considering his availability at a relatively low price.

Full time
FC Bayern Munich – FC Rottach-Egern’s

Full time: Bayern Munich secures a 27-0 victory (yes, you read that right).

89′ — GOAL! Mane scores, extending the lead to 27-0!

86′ — GOAL! Coman makes it 26-0!

83′ — GOAL! Gravenberch scores, bringing the tally to 25-0!

73′ — GOAL! Guerreiro adds another, making it 24-0!

71′ — GOAL! Sabitzer finds the net, increasing the lead to 23-0!

70′ — GOAL! Sabitzer strikes again, making it 22-0!

65′ — GOAL! Sabitzer completes a hat trick, raising the score to 21-0!

64′ — GOAL! Sabitzer scores the 20th goal, making the situation slightly intimidating.

56′ — Substitution: Choupo makes way for Wanner. Concerns arise as it appears to be another injury.

49′ — GOAL! Sabitzer makes it 19-0!

45′ — The second half commences! Numerous substitutions have taken place, making it difficult to keep track. Stay tuned for more goals.

Halftime: Bayern Munich leads 18-0.

44′ — GOAL! Musiala adds another goal, bringing the score to 18-0!

43′ — GOAL! Gnabry secures a hat trick, making it 17-0!

41′ — GOAL! Musiala scores, taking the scoreline to 16-0!

40′ — GOAL! Tel finds the back of the net, contributing to the 15-0 lead!

36′ — GOAL! Musiala completes a second hat trick of the day, making it 14-0!

35′ — GOAL! Gnabry scores, increasing the lead to 13-0!

34′ — GOAL! Tel adds another goal, making it 12-0!

30′ — GOAL! Upa makes it 11-0!

28′ — GOAL! Tel scores a hat trick, bringing the tally to 10-0!

27′ — GOAL! Mazraoui finds the net, making it 9-0!

25′ — GOAL! Tel adds to the scoreline, making it 8-0!

22′ — GOAL! Tel scores again, raising the lead to 7-0!

19′ — GOAL! Laimer adds to the score, making it 6-0!

13′ — GOAL! Musiala finds the net, contributing to the 5-0 lead!

12′ — GOAL! Gnabry scores, securing a 4-0 advantage!

8′ — GOAL! Davies adds to the scoreline, making it 3-0!

4′ — GOAL! Gnabry finds the net, bringing the tally to 2-0!

3′ — GOAL! Musiala scores, opening the scoring with a 1-0 lead!

Kickoff: The match has begun!

Kickoff: The match has begun! – 20 minutes to kickoff: The lineups have been announced! It seems Bayern Munich will utilize a back four, with Joshua Kimmich and Konrad Laimer in central positions. Mathys Tel has the opportunity to showcase his capabilities as a future striker for Bayern Munich. Additionally, Benjamin Pavard, who has been linked with a potential summer departure, gets a chance to start.

45 minutes to kickoff

45 minutes to kickoff: Bayern has yet to announce their lineups, possibly due to the ongoing spotlight on the Kim Min-Jae transfer. We will provide updates as they become available.

Bayern Munich has already commenced

While the transfer window remains open, Bayern Munich has already commenced preparations for the upcoming season with a training camp in the Bavarian town of Tegernsee. As part of their preparations, the club has scheduled a friendly match against local side FC Rottach-Egern. Although this game is expected to be one-sided, considering Bayern’s dominant victory in their previous encounter where they scored 23 goals, it provides an opportunity to see new players such as Raphael Guerreiro and Konrad Laimer in a Bayern kit and gauge Thomas Tuchel’s tactical approach. This match serves as a warm-up until the actual preseason friendlies begin, satisfying the anticipation of fans.

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