How MrBeast Became the Undisputed King of YouTube

PewDiePie and MrBeast are two of YouTube’s biggest superstars, with more than 50 million subscribers in total. While PewDiePie was once the most subscribed, MrBeast has surpassed him with his distinctive combination of entertainment and philanthropy. This article will explore MrBeast’s rise to become the reigning king of YouTube.

At the end of 2022, YouTuber MrBeast overtook PewDiePie as the most subscribed solo YouTuber worldwide with over 144 million subscribers, yet his road to success wasn’t an easy one; he began his YouTube career at only 16 under the username “MrBeast6000” and started his video uploads as early as 2012.

Collaboration and inspiration

MrBeast stands out from the YouTube community with his collaborative spirit and has frequently joined other popular YouTubers such as LazarBeam, George Not Found, and Callux for various challenges and videos. To celebrate becoming the top YouTuber, he organized a contest between 11 YouTuber friends competing for a $2.5 million private jet prize pool.

PewDiePie was one of the main inspirations behind MrBeast’s productions, inspiring multiple videos about him, such as the one entitled “Donating $10,000 to PewDiePie.” MrBeast did his part by showing his respect and affection towards another YouTuber in one memorable clip known as “Donating $10,000 to PewDiePie.”

Entertainment Value MrBeast’s videos are well-known for their entertainment value. He consistently releases high-quality content that engages his viewers, with many easily surpassing 100 million views—an amazing achievement in itself! From counting to 100,000 and being buried alive for 50 hours, MrBeast is known to delight his YouTube community with his stunts and challenges that keep them engaged!

Philanthropy and Giving Back

MrBeast stands out among YouTubers with his dedication to philanthropy. He has made significant financial contributions towards aiding those in need for the sake of entertainment, all without seeking any reward in return. MrBeast has invested millions (if not billions) of dollars to improve people’s lives, such as helping 1,000 blind people see for the first time and taking all dogs from shelters home as examples of his charitable acts.

How to Gain Online Presence Now

MrBeast has utilized his YouTube success to launch multiple offline ventures. These ventures include Feastables candy bars and the MrBeast Burger virtual restaurant chain, which quickly became one of the fastest-growing restaurant brands nationwide. Both ventures have proven highly profitable, with revenues reaching millions of dollars each year.

Feastables, made of organic cacao with just six ingredients, have proven an incredible hit, selling 4 million bars within three months! MrBeast Burger’s success has even exceeded this mark; its annual sales totaled $70 million last year and are projected to top $100 million this year!

Steps to Achieve Billionaire Status

MrBeast has experienced incredible success on YouTube and other ventures, setting him on his path to becoming one of the first billionaire YouTubers. While he owns his studio outright, he may consider selling off part of it for greater expansion; even 10% could fetch $150 million, pushing his total valuation up to an incredible $1.5 billion and making Mr. Beast one of the first billionaire YouTubers ever!

MrBeast has become a global icon, known for his generosity, entertainment, and entrepreneurialism. He has inspired numerous individuals to follow their dreams and positively change the world; MrBeast’s success proves that YouTube creators possess immense power to change lives.


Within the ever-evolving realm of YouTube, MrBeast has come to reign as its undisputed ruler. Through entertaining videos, philanthropy, and entrepreneurial ventures, such as MrBeast’s charitable donations and entrepreneurial ventures, he has captured millions of hearts worldwide and won them over to his cause. Mr. Beast’s journey demonstrates passion, hard work, and an ability to make an impactful difference while pushing boundaries and breaking records throughout his journey; there is no questioning his reign for years ahead.

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