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Mario Bokara: "This is the jewel of my 17 years career!"

Autor:Tea Bašić i Toni Raspudić
Objava:7.3.2017. 14:27
Mario Bokara: This is the jewel of my 17 years career!
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Do you remember Mario Bokara, professional wrestler who got the attention with his look and show?

This American with croatian roots enters the ring with the croatian flag, and with Thompson's song originally called "Dolazak Hrvata", in translate- "Arrival of Croats". Because all of this, he got the nickname "Croatian Sensation".

But, why are we writing about him again? Because Mario has acomplished the biggest dream of his carrer and launched a small and unknown Croatia into the top of the global wrestling championships.

So much effort, training and persistance finnaly paid off and Mario performed on IMPACT Wrestling in Florida. That event was broadcasted by major TV stations in USA and Great Britain, and Bokara, once again, did a great promotion for Croatia. Due to his accomplishment thousands of people listened to Croatian anthem for the first time in their lives. That is what we call a promotion!

Mario Bokara talked to journalists from Mostar, and he didn't hide his happines and enthusiasm.

"I got a phone call on feb 22nd from Impact Wrestling about an opportunity to work and be in Orlando Florida a week later, from March 2-5th. It was a chance to be seen and perform on a national and global scale and I was not going to let that opportunity pass me by. It was an opportunity for everything I have ever worked for throughout my whole life.
It's a phone call that you are waiting for a long time, and sometimes you never receive it.
It was a chance for all the hard work to pay off.
It was pretty much like an interview for a job to sign a contract with a main stream major wrestling promotion in the United States, to be seen on national tv.
A chance to make my family proud, my wrestling promotion, and to represent Croatia in the professional wrestling world", said Bokara.

"It was an incredible production! The stage, the screen, the arena and the atmosphere was amazing. All the tv cameras, the crew. The amount of production that goes into the tapings is incredible.
It's 4 days of filming (10-12 hr days) of weeks worth of matches and programming for IMPACT Wrestling (on POP TV in USA) and the show Xplosion (that airs in United Kingdom). Everyone was so nice and great to be around and to work with. It was like a dream come true, the entire week!

I had 3 matches within the 4 days. 1 for IMPACT and 2 for XPLOSION", said Bokara for

While filming, everything was new to Bokara. But, he is very grateful for every day he spent there, and for the experience he gained through that project. He felt he was more than prepared for the opportunity and felt in his heart, that he did his absolute best and seized the moment and made the most of it!

"The goal is to sign a contract with the company, to be with one of the top promotors in the world of wrestling. I have high hopes for the future and will keep pushing to reach the next step", said Bokara.

This weekend was a huge turning point and a milestone in his 17 years long career, and he didn't intend to waste the opportunity he received.

"I'm very excited for what the future holds", our interlocutor said, and we must say that we are very proud to be in the top of the proffesional wrestling as one of the smallest european countries. 

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