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How is Shakin' shaking up the World?

Autor:Sanja Tirić & Toni Raspudić
Objava:13.2.2018. 10:51
How is Shakin' shaking up the World?
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Croatian version

Listening to good music on the greatest radio station in England is not an uncommon thing, but listening to an author who comes from Mostar, a town in a country with a lot of potential but scarce opportunities, is very rare.

We are talking about Marino Abramović, aka XMulty. His song Shakin' has quickly won the support of the renowned world DJs.

Being a DJ in a surrounding such as Mostar, and probably even in the entire Balkans, gives little hope for success. However, miracles do happen even in the seclusion of one's own home – being with oneself, with one's feeling and talent, a song was created to whose rhythm the whole world shakes.

„When I was first introduced to electronic music in Mostar, there was no room for DJ-ing in the clubs because there is no room for this kind of music here. So all you have is your own home to create what you love. 'Shakin' was created and immediately I knew I had the real thing", says Marino for

„I've met Feenixpawl, the popular Australian group and 'showed' them my song. They were so excited that they offered cooperation. At that moment a new world opened up to me..."

This is how Shakin' has 'shook' the world...

„Feenixpawl was working for 'Armada Music', the third biggest electronic music label, owned by Armin van Buuren, who also liked the song. We made a contract with the manager and I finally entered the DJ-ing world the proper way. Then a deal was made with Feenixpawl who edited the song, added the vocal with the word Shakin’ and the song got its name. They edited it the commercial way but still 70 percent of the song remained as the original."

When a good song goes viral, success is guaranteed.

„The song got support from the DJs such as David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Nicky Romero, W&W, Don Diablo, Morgan Page and many others who played it on their radio stations. Armada Music sent a promo which they liked. They supported it and millions of listeners were able to hear it. Most probably they will play it on their gigs and that is what really makes me happy."

Marino, aka XMulty, is only 21 and already the entire world opened up to him, which he enjoys the most. Being born in a town with no proper clubs for this kind of music, his real gigs are yet to come...

„Since Armada Music represents me, they are the partner with UltraTomorrowland and many other festivals so I believe there will be fantastic gigs. My wish is to play at Ultra Miami, a top festival for a DJ."

Shakin’ is XMulty’s fourth author song. The previous three have also been well received but non of them made a breakthrough like this one.

Although only 21, he already has more than ten songs finished and he says that he plans to release another two for Armada in 2018.

An interesting fact is that less than a month after the release Shakin' was played on the greatest radio station in England the Capital FM London, as well as on 97.1 AMP Radio which is among the most listened radio station in California, namely LA and Las Vegas. It is incredible how many good thing happened to this young man in such a short period and who knows what new success the future holds for him.

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